Pragress Transnational Project Meeting, Galway

Pragress Transnational Project Meeting, Galway

In March, the PRAGRESS partners met at the University of Galway to continue work on the project. A particular focus was feedback from carers. In total, 76 carers, both formal and informal, from Italy, Greece and German piloted the platform and materials, and offered insightful and useful feedback and suggestions. Overall, the carers felt the materials and platform were logically structured, convenient to access, easy to navigate and user friendly.

Participants in the piloting phase felt that:

“I found many answers to my difficulties and confirmation of my observations. The topics covered will certainly be put into practice” (Italy).

“Very useful, it is a tool that the caregiver can consult at any time and also during the exercise of his duties” (Greece).

“The MOOC is also very structured and manageable. Useful Creative sketches, videos; good graphics and very informative” (Germany).

A central feature of the PRAGRESS project has been engagement with and incorporation of carers’ expertise, knowledge and understanding throughout the development of the materials and platform, with both formal and informal carers contributing to the baseline study, expert carers review of the initial programme and most recently piloting of the near finalised version. Once again, the PRAGRESS partners would like to take the opportunity to thank the carers for their insights, which have helped immeasurably to inform the development of this project.

In contrast to the smooth progress of the work on the project, the weather in Galway at the time was very inclement, with March 2023 entering Irish record books as the wettest March since records began. The partners did enjoy a short break in the weather and got the opportunity to appreciate the historic quadrangle at University of Galway, which dates back to 1845 when the university was first established.

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