Finnish students were interested to learn about aggressive behaviour of old persons and how to manage aggression.

Lecturer Johanna Berg (Turku University of Applied Sciences) presented Pragress- project to students as a part of their studies called “Special issues in elderly care”. Study results of Pragress baseline study was discussed together and the results evoked discussions about emotions, feelings and experiences related to aggressive situations. In fact, most of the students had long working experience in elderly care and they had personal experience about client aggressive behaviour.  Students discussed experiences and emotions related to workplace aggression as well as how to manage them in professional way. They perceived aggression management sometimes as challenging and recognized aggressive behaviour to be common issue in long term care settings. Together we were able to state that aggressive behaviour in health care settings is a challenge and needs attention.  Educational material produced in Pragress-programme may support and strengthen professionals’ skills to prevent and manage aggressive situations in health care settings.

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