The PRAGRESS project is directed at professional care givers, such as nurses, social workers, nursing aids, and other professionals involved in the prevention and management of challenging and aggressive behavior in both home and community settings. Aggressive behaviour is a multi-parametric phenomenon which requires a comprehensive training framework focusing on:

  • Raising awareness on aggressive and violent behavior
  • The causes and prevention of aggressive or violent behavior
  • Management and de-escalation methods for controlling aggressive behavior


Baseline study of the critical parameters that shape the overall context and bring about the phenomenon of challenging behaviour in older people towards caregivers in home and community care

Development of PRAGRESS training content will be based on the results from IO1, and aims to provide a comprehensive and well-structured set of training material in order to help minimize the impact of challenging behaviour in older and long-term care

The PRAGRESS e-learning platform will be an open educational resource environment under the format of a MOODLE, offering e-learning modules designed for use by both formal and informal caregivers, providers of lifelong learning services, care stakeholders, and older people’s organizations and communities.

PRAGRESS pilots will be designed and applied in accordance with the education and training modules developed, and can be used for learning validation, skills acquisition, and specific skills training.

Sustainable project outcomes with particular focus on a recognition system of digital badges for those who participate in the training during and after the project.



October 25, 2021

Webinar- Preventing and confronting aggressive behavior of elderly in Long Term Care

On Wednesday 27th October 2021 from 1 pm to 2 pm ISRAA and ECHAlliancewill present an event of the "Treviso Health & Social Care Innovation Ecosystem".
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December 1, 2020

Online Kick off meeting

The PRAGRESS online kick off meeting was held via ZOOM in two parts. The first part took place on 2nd November...
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